Wedding Day Tips…

Wheteher you are hiring a makeup artist or doing it yourself on your big day~there are always a couple can’t live without products for your most special day!
*Start your day hydrated~ a water based moisturizer will hydraye & prep your skin.
*Refresehd eyes~The skin around your eye is as delicate as tissue paper. The eye area is the first to show signs of fatigue, stress & age. You can even wake up a little dark & puffy. Eye cream is a must!
*Prepping your skin is essential~ I always say skin care & makeup are preferential. So use what you like & what works for you & your skin.
*For touch-ups through out your day~I Love translucent powder. It’s primary function is to set your makeup & absorb shine! You can find a great translucent powder in drug store or department store. Application can be a sponge, puff or brush.

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